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Red Dirt Soap

reddirtOklahoma company that handcrafts fragrant 100% natural shampoos, conditioners, soaps, and skin care. Locally made with fantastic results.

Green Hare Mud16223683

Chemical Free Hair Color!
Green Hare Mud™ is made with only organic and natural ingredients like organic henna, black walnut shells, flowers, red zinger tea, and many other roots, nuts, barks and berries. It works with each person’s unique hair color to blend gray hair or transform hair with healthy, vibrant tones. It enhances your natural hair tones and gives your hair lustrous body. While Green Hare Mud can not lighten hair it can give it a natural boost of color to enhance your look, it is a great alternative to those who wish to avoid all chemicals but still color their hair. It’s so natural you can eat it! (no guarantees on taste though!)